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We are going to accomplish great things together in the next 30 days!

Here is what some of our happy participants are saying:

'Susie’s Accountability Boot Camp has helped me identify my tendency to procrastinate the things that have let fall to the bottom of my to-do list. This 30-day workshop not only helped me get stuff done but has taught me the process of taking small consistent measurable steps.' - Barbara S

I am able to do this on my time at my pace with Susie helping me to course correct when I get stuck. -Diana 

It is empowering to set a goal for yourself, share that goal, and to know you are supporting others in the same way. It creates such positive energy. -CJ

Susie does a very good job in her ability to wait for her peeps to get to where they can really move forward with commitment. -Anne

This Accountability Workshop has given me something I didn’t realize was absent . A supportive community (that I’ve never even met)...this isn’t a place for excuses or negativity. It’s been great! - Tricia

The 30-day small group accountability program is only $100/ month and includes the following tools to help you throughout the process:

• Initial Clarity Jumpstart Live ZOOM call. I help you choose your focus for 30 days and create a strategy around them. Note: when you sign up you’ll receive a "prework" assignment to help you get the most from our first session.
• Sundays Digital Set-Ups.  This is where we set goals for the week ahead.
Wednesdays Live ZOOM group calls to check in on your progress.
• Fridays Digital R&Rs (Review & Reflections). 

BONUS: you have FREE access to The Daily Huddle for the month you are in boot camp.  This Facebook group helps you to start your day on a positive note.

We will work together and brainstorm ways to keep moving forward at the start and at the end of the month you will take final assessment to celebrate the progress you've made.  Sound good?

Ready to be accountable to your goal?

NOTE: We’ll keep in touch via email, VOXER, and a private Facebook group.