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  • Plan by learning how to create a little more structure that works for YOU
  • Nourish your body to improve your overall health an well being (not to mention what it will do for your mood).
  • Do ​for you, instead of always trying to please someone else.
  • Be present and deliberate about what you want more of in life.
  • Connect with others because we can't get through life on our own so let's enjoy those we want to share our energy with.
  • Self Love is an inside job.  Learn how to access it.
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Hey, I'm Susie...
Award Winning Fitness  & Weight Loss Coach 
Barbara Vinciguerra
This is where I could tell you about my accolades in advertising, event planning or even as a fitness instructor but none of that matters when you are struggling to care of yourself.

At least, that's how it was for me.  

From the time I was young I was always a little bit different than my friends.  I had a lot of different things I liked to do and even had a lot of successes around them.

It was after I had kids that things began to mount up and I was feeling the overwhelm of being 'wonder woman' and 'super mom' all rolled up into one.

Something had to give...and it was me.

As a woman, I felt I needed to please everyone and take care of their needs first.  Any scraps of time would allow me to go for an occasional manicure or haircut.  Something that I thought was an exercise of self-care.

It's been years of learning (and I continue to learn) that investing in your well being is the BEST investment you can make.

It affects everything.

That's why I created YOU 2.0

You 2.0 gives you 34 simple ideas that you can incorporate into your life to create your best self (oh and  it's FREE).

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